Information for parents

At Axo Student Living we take very seriously our responsibilities to students living in our accommodation in London or Coventry. We appreciate that their room at an Axo property may be their first experience of living away from home so it is important to us that they feel safe, secure and happy in our accommodation. It is also important to us that the parents or guardians of our tenants are reassured that their loved ones are with an accommodation provider that puts the interests of our tenants first and foremost.

The Axo Student Living Management Team

The team at Axo Student Living are dedicated to ensuring all of our tenants are happy with their accommodation. Our onsite teams are trained to deliver the very highest standards of customer care and are always available to provide information, support and advice about any aspect of our student accommodation and to assist, if possible, about wider issues and not just the important stuff like the best place to buy a pizza nearby!

Safe and Secure

The safety and security of our tenants is the key priority for all of our staff. Access to all Axo Student Living accommodation is controlled by either secure fob or a card system and each bedroom has a door lock. Each one of our properties has CCTV and a security team in each city able to respond to any incidents that may occur.

Pastoral Care

The team at Axo Student Living work closely with the welfare teams at all of our university partners. This enables us to point your son or daughter in the right direction to people who are qualified and able to help them should they need this type of assistance. If you are ever concerned about the welfare of your son or daughter then do not hesitate to contact any member of the Axo team using the contact details provided on this website.

Paying the rent

At Axo Student Living we know that things do not always got to plan. So, if you find that your son or daughter are unable to make their rent payment on time then contact a member of the Axo management team as soon as possible to make them aware that payment may be late. We can then help you to explore what options are open to you. As set out in our standard tenancy agreement, if the tenant does not pay their rent then the guarantor becomes liable for the debt.


At Axo Student Living we appreciate that our tenants may, from time to time, have guests stay with them. If this does happen then we ask tenants to be respectful of the other residents in the building, we make them aware that they are responsible for their guests (and any damage their guests may cause). If we receive complaints about the behaviour of guests then they will be asked to leave. Finally, guests are only allowed infrequently and to stay for one night at a time; we do not allow sub-letting, that is, the renting out of part of a room by a tenant.


At Axo Student Living all tenants are responsible for cleaning their own room. In our student flats, all residents will be responsible for the cleanliness of communal areas. The Axo team will undertake regular inspections to ensure our property is at a reasonable standard of cleanliness. To help with this we make cleaning equipment (including vacuum cleaners) available to our tenants.

The Guarantor

At Axo Student Living we ask all of our prospective tenants to provider details of a Guarantor. The Guarantor ensures that the tenant pays their rent as well as adhering to their obligations under their Tenancy Agreement. If the tenant fails to pay their rent, then the guarantor is responsible for this debt, including any additional costs incurred as a result of a late payment or the tenant fulfilling their obligations under the Tenancy Agreement.

In the unfortunate event that Axo Student Living have to make a legal claim, we are legally able to take action against the Guarantor before the tenant.

Offers and Extras

At Axo Student Living we understand that going to university is an exciting and, sometimes, fraught, experience for the student and their families. We will do all that we can to provide help, advice and support to ensure that your first experience of student life is as easy and enjoyable as possible. Whether it is something big or small, we will do all we can to ensure our new tenants settle in quickly. For further details about offers and extras from Axo Student Living please contact us using the relevant telephone number for your accommodation or email