International Students

A big part of the fun and experience of university is mixing with students from all over the world in accommodation that makes you feel right at home.

Axo Student Living provides high quality student accommodation in fantastic locations – perfect for getting to university and at the heart of your new city. With properties that are safe and secure, we offer a choice of studio apartments and shared flats.

Axo Student Living put a real emphasis on creating student living environments with plenty of communal areas and open space for when it is time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Key information for overseas students studying in the UK

Get information on student visas, paying for your accommodation, health care, setting up a bank account and working in the UK.

Visas and Immigration

If you intend to stay in the UK for more than six months and want to enter the country as a ‘student’ you will need to gain entry clearance before travelling to the UK. If you are coming to the UK to study for less than six months, some nationalities (defined as ‘non-visa nationals’) may qualify to enter the country as a ‘student visitor’ and may not have to obtain entry clearance before travelling. For more information and advice about visa requirements visit


As an international student you can pay for your accommodation in full by credit/debit card or via bank transfer. If required, we can accept two payments over the course of the accommodation year (payment dates determined by us). Regardless of the payment type or payment method, you will need to provide a guarantor to support your booking. The guarantor does not have to be UK based but will have to sign the Tenancy Agreement, which will be sent to them with a request for it to be returned prior to your stay with us commencing.

Health Care

In the UK you can get free treatment from the National Health Service (NHS) if you are on a course that lasts longer than 6 months. You will not have to pay for hospital treatment, but you may have to pay for some dental treatment and there is a standard charge for medicines prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Health care laws can vary depending on which country you are from, so, it is a good idea to check with your country’s health care authorities to find out how much treatment you will be entitled to when you are in the UK. Alternatively you can enquire at your University or college on arrival and they should be able to advise you on registering for medical support.

Bank Account

If your course is longer than 6 months, it is a good idea to open a UK-based bank account. Most UK banks offer accounts specifically for students, however, many international students opt for other types of accounts that provide reduced rates for international payment transfers. To open a UK bank account you will need to provide proof of your identity, including a photograph and proof of your address in the UK and at home (if opening a student bank account you will also need to provide proof of your student status). A valid passport and a letter showing your UK address such as a bill or acceptance letter from your university should cover these requirements.

Working and studying

In most cases, you can work up to 10 hours a week during term time and up to 20 hours during other weeks without effecting your student status. You could be in breach of your immigration conditions if you work more hours than this. If you choose to work during your studies, it is important to check your particular circumstances with your college or university as employment rules tend to change from time to time.

If you’re not sure…

Secure your accommodation early and, for international students,  if you don’t end up getting the grades or visa you need, we’ll cancel your booking free of charge.

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